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A new car is more than the vehicle itself – a key factor is the service provided. The customer needs and expects advice, help along the process of making a decision and not to mention everything that happens after you drive the car off the lot. Bilia, one of the largest auto dealers in Europe, are determined to provide the best possible service to their customers.

  • Currently, the auto dealer’s facilities are spread out across Sweden, Norway, Germany and from 2016 in Luxembourg and Belgium as well. Via their close to one hundred locations, Bilia offers car sales, car servicing and many other services that deliver a lasting value for their customers.

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There are of course many reasons behind Bilia’s success, and as far as IT is concerned, it’s a question of making sure that there is a constant process of development. Our dealers, those buying cars from us as well as car owners have entirely different requirements and expectations compared with even a few years ago.

Magnus Karlsson CIO at Bilia
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  • Optimising the customer experience

    A vital part of their offering has always been to provide solutions for both sales and after-sales that benefit both the customer and the business.

    At every turn, Bilia are determined to provide their customers with the information, solutions and services they need to get the most out of their purchase. Through our collaboration, they have been able to optimise the entire customer experience. Together, we are constantly working to find new ways of granting both their customers and employees access to what they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We see a shift where customers increasingly want to interact with us digitally throughout the entire customer lifecycle. EVRY has supported us throughout our transformation work by providing excellence in customer experience, technology and business.

Magnus Karlsson CIO at Bilia
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  • A simplified process for everyone involved

    EVRY has collaborated with Bilia on a wide range of solutions and projects. We have, for instance, helped them to develop and launch new dealership websites and the main Bilia Group site. In addition, we have provided a new site for their sub brand Netbil, where customers can find used cars. Also, we have implemented a direct payment application for when purchasing a car, digital tools for internal follow up and sales as well as a system for ordering and scheduling a service appointment.

The team at EVRY has assisted us with project management, systems development, user experience as well as digital business development. Their range of resources and the expertise that they possess enables us to take a strategic and long-term approach when working together. Their flexibility and insight have been critical success factors.

Magnus Karlsson CIO at Bilia

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