A new product experience for progressive parents

The arrival of a new baby is usually a very happy occasion – and it should be. But for every Instagram worthy picture of the little one, there are countless sleepless nights.

SCA Baby Care has made it their mission to help parents find what they want to know and the products they need.

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  • A market leader across borders

    Through both the Libero brand and under retailer’s brands, SCA Baby Care has been able to establish a global market presence.

    They are the world’s fourth largest player in the field of diapers and baby care products – and the second largest in Europe.

    SCA’s Libero brand is the Nordic region’s leading brand, where their products have been well known for decades.

Our wish was to highlight our products’ benefits in a clearer way and we quickly felt that the EVRY team was well aware of what the Libero brand represents. They showed an understanding of who our customers are and what they need.

Robert Brühl Digital Manager SCA Babycare / Libero

Differentiating the brand

“We began to create a new digital experience for the Libero customer, based on insights about the target group, customer journey mapping and of course, SCA Baby Care’s project specific as well as overall goals.” Says Ulf Sandfrost, Digital Experience Director, EVRY.

SCA Baby Care and EVRY worked together to pinpoint exactly what the end customer needed, as well as beginning to put together a beneficial concept that fit into Libero’s overall visual and communicative platform.

The new section was to be built using an Episerver platform and be based on a unique brand block concept. This would enable efficient adaption across all markets where Libero can be found. The concept was a way of creating a powerful framework, which would allow every market to plug in and plug out modules according to their needs.

  • A complete journey

    Other than the groundwork consisting of the product section concept and the new site structure, EVRY delivered new methods of showcasing the unique benefits of Libero’s different diapers. By implementing 3D animations into the product pages, your are now able to go through the diapers’ different functions and attributes and get a better grasp of how each one will play a part in keeping a child comfortable and dry.

    In addition to the 3D animations, EVRY put together new product descriptions for each product and size, where the copy was adapted to the many specific phases of a child’s development.

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  • A holistic team

    “Helping a brand such as Libero is not something you take on without some serious consideration. With such a premium brand the expectations are high in terms of what both they and their customers want to see. An essential part of the process was to have a team in place with a holistic point of view, consisting of experience designers, digital business developers and digital technology specialists. Together, we were able to deliver both the direction and the concept as well as executing it from start to finish.” continues Ulf Sandfrost.

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Immersive 3D animations

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Bringing the experience to life.

During the spring of 2016, the product section was implemented and then rolled out across several of Libero’s markets and adapted to their specific needs and current assortment of Libero products.

“There has been nothing but praise from our internal organization. We have received a large amount of positive reactions and discussions, and people have been genuinely impressed by how the products have been displayed, especially via the new 3D animations of our different diaper models.” says Robert Brühl."

A full service delivery.

  • Business development

    Product feature positioning, Concept development, and Content marketing strategy.

  • Experience design

    User journeys, Interaction design, Art direction.

  • Technical production

    Backend and frontend development.

  • Content

    Copywriting and 3D production.

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