Sandvik’s new web style guide

Up until 2015, Sandvik used standardized technical frameworks with basic look-and-feel customizations to streamline the development of new applications. But this approach lacked the capabilities to fully support web standards and Sandvik’s visual identity. During the development and implementation of a global intranet for the Sandvik Group, it identified the opportunity to establish a new reference architecture and at the same time develop a design system for a wider area of application.

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  • Drivers for a web design system

    Sandvik has thousands of digital applications based on many different technical solutions. Both the quality of the interface and usability for the end user, as well as the visual experience of the brand and its product areas, differ greatly between these applications. This negatively affects productivity for the developers as well as the users. The new design system aims not only to ensure brand identity but to lift the entire internal web landscape to new heights, both visually and technologically, and to ensure compliance with web standards, accessibility requirements and mobility.

  • Objectives of the new work approach

    A global Sandvik web style guide is being created that controls and streamlines the digital user experience and allows the Sandvik brands to permeate all applications. It also aims to support designers and developers through greater productivity, more efficient maintenance and easier scalability.

    The style guide, integrated in the organization, can provide guidance, support and high-quality pre-built components for driving the design and development of web applications, independent of the application platform and device they are consumed on.

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The main goals of the guide

  • Create a unified starting point and a process for designing and developing user experiences and interfaces that ensure brand identity and quality.

  • Establish a new work approach with clear guidance for designers, architects and developers so they can accelerate the design and development processes.

  • Promote closer collaboration across applications and business silos.

  • Make it easier to reuse both design patterns and pre-built components.

  • Provide a central location for managing and further developing complete UI components with related documentation.

For a long time, we’ve lacked a common strategy and arena where communication and IT could meet in order to deliver a better user experience for our internal applications. I am convinced of the long-term business value in a design system as a central starting point.

Jörgen Andersson Sandvik Group Web Manager
  • Sandvik’s new web style guide

    Sandvik wanted to be able to use their internal web applications with a more long-term, scalable focus and to develop a model for introducing their new work approach and technical framework. The new solution provides tailored processes for style-guide-driven development together with a component library that replaces previous solutions. All this, in combination with a quality-assured user experience, delivers a highly functional and efficient starting point for designing and developing applications.

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  • The road ahead

    Implementing new approaches and techniques can pose a challenge to global organizations. Sandvik’s web style guide represents a paradigm shift in work processes, and its implementation will be gradual.

    The plan moving forward is to apply the principles of style-guide-driven development gradually and in parallel with future investments, with a view to change the applications’ user interfaces over time and revolutionize the way employees interact with the applications. A central organization is tasked with managing and developing the system design and style guide.

With Sandvik’s web style guide, we’re finally able to create consistent user experiences across our internal applications and improve the productivity of our workforce, the availability of our applications and the standard for our brand identity internally.

Jörgen Andersson Sandvik Group Web Manager

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