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Through a comprehensive travel network, Stockholm Public Transport (SL) provides Stockholm County with a wide selection of public transport alternatives. The county-owned organization makes sure that region’s residents get where they want to go efficiently and safely.

  • 800 000 travels each day

    Getting to and from the office, picking up the children from school, visiting friends or exploring new parts of Stockholm – it is all made possible through SL’s accessible and efficient means of transportation.

    In total, 800 000 travels by either bus, metro, light railway, commuter rail or ferry are made every day across the county, all via the organization’s network.

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An advanced puzzle, consisting of several different key players, is required to provide a solution for all of our travellers. The collaboration with EVRY regarding operations, management and development, as well as the re-launch of, is one important piece of that puzzle.

Robert Fromell Web Strategist at Stockholm Public Transport

Focusing on the needs of the traveller

Beginning in 2011, the focus of our collaboration with SL so far has been on operations and management. Today, however, we are also responsible for identifying digital development opportunities as well as creating digital advantages that appeal to their travellers.

The focus of our first digital advantage project was to merge several SL websites into one main hub – Before doing so, we defined a main target group (The Everyday Traveller), to then highlight the information and functions that were most relevant to that group. The changes we then made gave all travellers a more user-friendly experience and uniform experience when visiting different sections of the site. It also gave SL and the Traffic Administration an efficient way of collaborating and administering their digital channels.

One example of the features that we implemented was a subscription service for a traveller’s favourite trips. If, for instance, your regular bus to work is delayed, you will receive information in advance about it and be given real-time information for planning your route to avoid further delays.

  • A more accessible web experience

    In addition to SL’s main site, we also refined and improved a number of digital functions on Stockholm’s main site for mobility services. We made the entire website responsive for maximum accessibility across platforms and provided relevant information in a user-friendly way.

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State of the art technology to ensure quality

As part of the ongoing project with SL, we continuously run updates of both the CMS and framework used in our delivery. To follow up visitor traffic, we are using web analysis and EPiFind to better be able to help the traveller – and steer them towards the information they are looking for.

For the map on SL’s main site, we are using map layers. Among many things, it allows us to show Park & Ride sites as well as available ticket offices. We are now simplifying the process of parking your car and going by public transport into town as well as quickly finding out where to buy a ticket or add additional credits to your card.

We are also working on making the public data from SL’s main site available for both the SL site itself and for third party developers. This is being done via the open API platform developed by us at EVRY.

To make sure that our delivery lives up to SL’s high standards regarding accessibility, we have created a testing centre at EVRY. It is an environment where we can run automated tests on mobile devices, desktop browsers and on the API platform including load tests. The tests performed via the centre are our way of ensuring that the digital experience of the traveller will not be interrupted or compromised.

Through a hands-on approach and focusing on the needs of the travellers, we have continuously been able to find new solutions that will simplify the life of both SL and their travellers. For SL it streamlines the process of reaching out with information, and for the travellers it has become easier to find the information shared by SL. The demands on what we have delivered have been incredibly high, especially for what we were aiming to accomplish for all users, no matter which browser and digital unit they are using.

Erik Möllerberg Project and Operations Manager at EVRY

Several digital improvements – and many more to come

With this project, a large number of new functions have been implemented on SL’s main site. An interactive map, a map layer for viewing live traffic and card balance surveillance have all been launched – and the journey surveillance function is awaiting activation. The news of the interactive map even got picked up as a news story and the new main site is currently attracting 160 000 visitors per day.

After receiving positive feedback from our client we will move forward with projects for several organizations connected to SL:

  • Waxholmsbolaget (EPiServer)
  • Spårvägsmuséet (Umbraco)
  • Konsten i trafiken (Umbraco)

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