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The social stigma connected to incontinence is wide spread across society – even though it affects millions of people each day. The people that aren’t affected directly are so through a family member or via their work connected to healthcare. The TENA brand is a market leader in this field, both in Sweden and internationally, and they have found different ways of making a difference across several markets, both through how and what they communicate.

  • Reaching out worldwide

    The TENA brand belongs to SCA, which is one of the world’s largest companies in personal care products. TENA itself is sold across 90 countries, with retailers, healthcare providers and end-users as their target group. No matter which type of customer they are reaching out to, their main focus is to find ways of making their everyday life simpler.

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  • Creating a digital relationship

    A large amount of TENA’s resources has been put into the research and development of ground-breaking products and services. However, a vital success factor for the brand has been to provide their different kinds of customers with information online. Their wish is to constantly be available, providing people with the help they need when they need it, in order to make an informed decision. One part of making this a reality has been to find a partner in developing tools and solutions that will enable TENA to establish that kind of digital presence.

EVRY’s perspective and their ability to create modern solutions that work when put to the test, has created clear advantages for our customers on a global arena.

Lennart Hjält Director of eBusiness, Incontinence Care Europe, SCA
  • A streamlined process

    One large part of our work with TENA has been to help create tools that will facilitate their customers’ purchasing process. We have done so by, for example, making it easier to order the brand’s products across the various markets across the world where they are sold. In addition, we have simplified the process of finding relevant products in suitable sizes – which has been a great help for both caretakers and users.

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Our site has become an integrated part of our offer, and constitutes more than 10% of our sales as a whole. Our communicative efforts will increasingly become more and more web based and to actively work with new digital solutions becomes even more important. Considering the speed of development in this area, we have to work with a facilitating partner that will help us in our efforts to focus on relevant solutions at the right time.

Lennart Hjält Director of eBusiness, Incontinence Care Europe, SCA
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  • The needs of the internal organization

    We have helped TENA to analyse how products and product information should be experienced digitally and then, with that analysis in mind, developed concepts for both web pages and apps. In our work with the SCA brand, we at EVRY have also zeroed in on the main challenges of the marketing department. One of them was finding ways of utilising different digital tools as a vehicle for strengthening their customer relationships and developing their business.

    With that purpose in mind, EVRY and TENA have worked together to implement new ways of structuring information as well as introducing new IT solutions. This has enabled the marketing department to adapt different kinds of messaging, according to different target groups’ need for information.

For several years, EVRY has been on the forefront as far as creating digital solutions that create true advantages for healthcare customers, users and their loved ones. We are proud of helping to realise this journey for TENA.

Jesper Viktor Business Line Manager, EVRY

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